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Time Clinic – proud recipients of the Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic London award – is available for anyone in Chigwell who is keen to undergo hair loss treatment.

Fully Save Face registered and with stunning, verified reviews, we have had huge success in providing affordable treatments that help to address hair loss and also stimulate new hair growth.

At Time Clinic, we also appreciate that you will not be an expert in the various forms of treatment or necessarily know which would be the best option in your case – there are so many hair loss treatments available when you enter a simple Google search.

We will be open and honest and outline the expected results available from any form of treatment and explain why we recommend any course of action.

Our ethos stems from the clinic’s owner – GMC registered GP Dr Manav Bawa.

Doctor Bawa upholds the highest of standards and is recognised to the extent that he is entrusted to train by the Royal College of GPs.

Why Consider Hair Loss Treatment?

There are two typical reasons to consider hair loss treatment.

One is to stop further hair loss – it may be that the hair loss or thinning experienced so far can be lived with, but there is concern about further loss, further thinning and more receding of the hairline.

Many will see the hair loss pattern that exists in their family – for instance their father or siblings – and be concerned that they are at an earlier stage of the same pattern.

There are also those who are already concerned that they have lost too much hair and so require hair regrowth.

The groups are not mutually exclusive – many will put up with the hair loss they have, worry about further shedding of hair, but would also welcome some regrowth and thickening of what they do have.

Others have made do, perhaps by only considering certain hairstyles but would welcome the chance to have more choice once more, to not be governed by hair loss.

Hair loss treatment is to be considered for anyone for whom hair loss is a concern.

Some will lose hair and it will be of little concern and so there will be no requirement for intervention.

For others, it damages confidence and self esteem; the hair loss can impact on work and personal relationships.

Addressing the issue in these cases can do far more than just alter appearance, it can also alter outlook, restoring confidence and doing so much to elevate the person.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are a huge range of hair loss treatments, some of these come at incredible cost – robotic grafting of hair follicles can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Others opt to travel abroad to clinics in Turkey and elsewhere for hair transplants – these still costing thousands of pounds.

These technologies can certainly be effective, but it is also likely that superb results can be achieved at far less of a cost and without the need for the grafting of follicles – this often leading to visible scarring and the requirement to wear a visible bandage for a period of time.

In keeping with our ethos at Time Clinic, we provide the very best non-surgical treatments.

One superb treatment is AQ Skin Solutions Advanced Hair Complex.

This is a serum that can be €˜stamped’ and massaged directly into the scalp, it works by counteracting hair loss caused by damaged hair follicles or hardening of the scalp.

The AQ serum supplements the stem cells in the follicles and nourishes them to return them to a healthier, working order.

The proteins and growth factors in the hair are improved and this can restore the inactive growth cycle, leading to both hair production and also better quality of the hair that is produced.

At Time Clinic, we perform a €˜stamping’ technique – this is simply helping the serum to penetrate more deeply beyond the upper layer of the scalp to ensure the serum is worked into the follicles.

We massage the ointment into the scalp – and recommend this is repeated over five treatments at a rate of one per week.

It is also possible to apply extra treatments at home, this ensuring the optimum results are achieved.

With this treatment, there is no downtime and no discomfort beyond some occasional, very mild tingling.

It will also be a treatment that is suitable for most people who are experiencing some hair loss or thinning – though suitability would be discussed at consultation.

You simply have the serum massaged in and then forget about it – it is doing its work unseen.

A second treatment option is what is known as ‘Dracula Therapy – this so called because it uses the plasma from a person’s own blood.

Dracula Therapy has a number of uses, these including boosting complexion, but it can also be highly effective in treating hair loss.

The process consists of multiple injections to take some blood and this is then separated via centrifuge to acquire the platelet rich plasma. It is this that contains the proteins that restore the health of hair follicles.

The plasma is then carefully injected into the area to be treated using very fine needles.

As this is a treatment that involves injections both in taking the blood and then injecting the plasma, it is essential you choose a skilled, registered clinic.

Please ensure any you consider have Save Face accreditation – this your guarantee of quality and that high standards are adhered to – this in an otherwise under-regulated field.

In a webpage it is impossible to state which would be the more effective treatment in your case. However, it is likely that superb results can be achieved – the benefits of each option would be discussed in consultation.

Why Consider Time Clinic?

We stand apart as the top clinic not just in the Chigwell region, but also much of London – with the reviews and awards to demonstrate this standing.

Please consider our services for the following reasons:

Amazing reputation

Our independent reviews are universally five stars,.

Expert Knowledge

Our clinic is run by Dr Manav Bawa, a leading expert in the field of non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Bawa holds a postgraduate diploma in Surgical Sciences and a Masters in Surgical Education from Imperial College London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Bawa is entrusted as a trainer for minor surgery and joint injections courses for the Royal College of GPs and also provides the training for a leading Harley Street clinic.

The level of patient care provided is unsurpassed – this also seen in the care taken with follow-up appointments,

Award Winning

For the entire London region, we were named Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic – we are proud and honoured that it is us who hold this title. In 2021  we were also named Best Bespoke Facial Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic- London

Our level of service is the best not just in Chigwell, but all of London.

Next Steps

Located perfectly for Chigwell, our clinic is in Woodford, the full address

Time Clinic
First Floor, Telecoms House
15 The Broadway
Woodford Green

To discuss requirements for a consultation, whether in person or via video sharing, please call us on 0203 795 9063 or use our Contact Form.



Chigwell is a town in the Epping Forest district of Essex. As of 2011, it had a population of around 13,000.

Chigwell’s name is believed to derive from Chicca’s Well – Chicca being a personal name.

A number of notable names are associated with Chigwell, especially those with links to sport. These include Ronnie O’Sullivan, Sally Gunnell, Bobby Moore and Alan Sugar.

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