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Hair loss can be a cause for stress and upset and impact our self confidence every bit as much as our appearance.

If you are experiencing hair loss – whether at the early stages, or with significant hair loss already evident, please consider our services at Time Clinic.

We have been officially recognised as the best clinic in London and we have superb, non-surgical options for treating hair loss.

The treatments can deliver profound results, both helping to stop further hair loss and also encouraging the growth of new, healthy hair – and this without the invasive nature or huge cost of surgical alternatives.

As you would expect of an award-winning clinic with universally five-star reviews, we also follow the very highest of standards. We hold full, detailed consultations and only recommend any treatment that is truly in a person’s best interests.

We are also fully Save Face registered – this the guarantee that we adhere to the very highest of standards, furthermore we are run by Dr. Manav Bawa, a GMC registered GP who is recognised to the extent that he is entrusted to train by the Royal College of GPs.

Hair loss treatment suitability

Hair loss treatments will, broadly speaking, be suitable for anyone who has either experienced significant hair loss already, or perhaps is at an earlier stage but worried about further loss.

For many of us, we can see a future with likely hairloss emerging, perhaps seeing the pattern in earlier generations of our own family and so seeing the genetic link to hair loss.

Naturally, there can be a desire to take steps to minimise the impact of this condition.

There can of course be many reasons for hair loss – from genetics, to stress and many more besides, but ultimately perhaps the cause does not overly matter, what matters more is an ability to treat the condition.

Our treatments are suitable both for those who have already experienced hair loss that impacts their life but also those who worry about its impact in future.

However, it is impossible to determine true suitability in a single web page, instead a full consultation would be held.

At the consultation, we would factor in your medical history and the history of any hair loss in your family, we would look at the state of your hair and follicles now and then determine a plan of best action.

The good news, though, is jhat we have superb treatments and in the vast majority of cases, one, if not both, options would produce healthy hair regrowth and also stemm any pattern of ongoing hair loss.

These treatments are also non-surgical options and have no downtime and so do not lead to visible scarring, the creation of bald spots, or the need to wear a bandage for a period of time.

Essentially, the treatments are doing their great work unseen, restoring the health of hair follicles in the affected area.

Suitability can be determined more by the impact hair loss has on you as an individual.

If someone was completely unaffected by their hair loss, then there would be little need for treatment.

However, for many of us this is not the case, and hair loss is a condition that can impact our confidence and self-esteem.

This can impinge on all relationships – be that work, friendship or personal.

Those who are suitable are therefore those for whom addressing hair loss would boost their appearance, but also their own sense of self.

The changes can be wonderful to see – restoring a person’s confidence to its full.

Hair Loss Treatments

As you may have discovered via a quick google search, there are many hair loss treatments available – these ranging from creams you can buy over the counter, through to surgical options that utiliuse robot technology and cost tens of thousands of pounds.

In keeping with our ethos of providing the very best non-surgical options, we perhaps offer the sensible middle ground; treatments that are proven to produce superb results, but that are also affordable and won’t lead to a lengthy period of recovery.

Our treatments also use the body’s own methods – restoring hair follicle health to stimulate fresh growth and healthier hair.

One superb treatment is AQ Skin Solutions Advabced Hair Complex.

This serum from AQ is massaged directly into the scalp, deep penetration is achieved through a €˜stamping’ process (don’t worry, it is pain free) – this enabling the serum to go beyond the initial layers of the scalp.

This specially formulated serum contains  supplements that boost the stem cells in the follicles, nourishing them and  restoring them to health.

The proteins and growth factors in the hair are improved and this in turn works to restart the inactive growth cycle.

The pattern of hair loss is reversed; i.e. you stop losing hair at the rate previously seen and there is also the creation of new, healthy hair.

The process itself is easy to administer, the serum massaged into the head – we recommend five treatments over a five-week period.

You can also opt to have extra self-administered treatments at home, this simply involves massaging the serum in for a few minutes at dates as directed by us.

This extra step helps to ensure the very best results are achieved.

The application of the serum has no side effects bar some very occasional, short-term mild tingling.

Once massaged in, the non-greasy formulation simply becomes absorbed and does its work of restoring stem cell health,

For most people experiencing hair loss, this will be a suitable treatment, though this would naturally be discussed at consultation.

A second treatment option is what is known as ‘Dracula Therapy‘ – this a treatment that has the rather alarming name simply because it involves using a person’s own blood  and plasma cells to boost natural processes.

Dracula Therapy has a number of uses, including helping to restore a more youthful complexion, but it can also regularly be used  in treating hair loss.

We administer this process by taking injections of blood and then separating this via a centrifuge to acquire the platelet rich plasma. This plasma contains the proteins that will work to restore hair health.

The plasma is then carefully injected into the area to be treated using very fine needles.

Skill is required in administering this treatment as it involves injections, bothjin taking the blood sample and then in injecting the plasma cells into the area undergoing treatment for hair loss.

Please ensure any you consider have Save Face accreditation – this your guarantee of quality and that high standards are adhered to – this in an otherwise under-regulated field.

In a webpage it is impossible to state which would be the more effective treatment in your case.

However, it is likely that superb results can be achieved – the benefits of each option would be discussed in consultation.

Why Consider Time Clinic?

We stand apart as the top clinic not just in the Woodford region, but also much of London – with the reviews and awards to demonstrate this standing.

Please consider our services for the following reasons:

Amazing reputation

Our independent reviews across multiple sites  are universally five stars,.

Award Winning

We were named Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic for all of London – this demonstrates that we have a level of quality and service that stands apart.

The award recognised the quality of care, the expertise provided, the relaxing nature of the settings and our treatment of everyone who walks through our door – including those nervous people coming for a very first consultation.

Our level of service is the best not just in Woodford, but all of London.

In 2021’s we were also named Best Bespoke Facial Aesthetics & wellness Clinic- London

Expert Knowledge

Our clinic is run by Dr Manav Bawa, a leading expert in the field of non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Bawa holds a postgraduate diploma in Surgical Sciences and a Masters in Surgical Education from Imperial College London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Bawa is entrusted as a trainer for minor surgery and joint injections courses for the Royal College of GPs and also provides the training for a leading Harley Street clinic.

The level of patient care provided is unsurpassed – this also seen in the care taken with follow-up appointments,

Next Steps

Located perfectly for Woodford, our clinic is in Woodford, the full address

Time Clinic
First Floor, Telecoms House
15 The Broadway
Woodford Green

To discuss requirements for a consultation, whether in person or via video sharing, please call us on 0203 795 9063 or use our Contact Form.


Woodford is a town in east London, located in Essex with a population of around 45,000.

The first known mention of Woodford is from 1082, this under the name of Wudeford, meaning ford in the wood. The settlement then appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, though under the name of Wdefort.

Despite these historical references, Woodford only truly grew in terms of size as people increasingly moved to such areas to commute and work in London.

There are a number of notable residents of Woodford past and present, or people associated with the area these including Sir Winston Churchill, Sylvia Pankhurst, Clement Atlee, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal.

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