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Give your skin the boost it needs with face rejuvenation in Essex with the skincare experts at Time Clinic.

At Time Clinic we understand that everyone has their own skin concerns. This is why we offer a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments that we can tailor to meet your specific skin needs and goals. 

We are a doctor-led skin clinic in Essex with years of experience treating various skin conditions. From ageing skin and sun-damaged skin to acne scars and an uneven skin texture, we can help you find the right solution for you. 

Do not let your skin issues hold you back. Start your journey to more radiant and youthful skin today by booking a consultation at our clinic. 


You can also contact our friendly team in Essex by calling on +44 20 3795 9063 or email us at hello@time-clinic.com



Why should I consider skin rejuvenation treatments?

Our skin acts as a mirror of our lifestyles and health. Because of this, our skin reflects damage caused by factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure, diet and stress. 

It is important to take care of your skin. Not only does good skincare keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, but it can also delay natural ageing and reduce skin issues. 

At Time Clinic, our team is here to help you no matter what your skin concern is. We take the time to assess your skin, look at your medical history and recommend the right skin rejuvenation treatment for your skin type and skin tone. 


Who can benefit from skin rejuvenation treatment?

If you are concerned about any of the below skin conditions, our experts can match you with a treatment that will help you see fresh and rejuvenated skin. 

  •       Sun damage and age spots
  •       Fine lines and wrinkles
  •       Acne scarring
  •       Stretch marks
  •       Sagging skin
  •       Skin laxity
  •       Dull skin 
  •       Large pores
  •       Pigmented lesions 


What are the best treatments for skin rejuvenation Essex?

Face Rejuvenation Essex

Finding the right skin rejuvenation treatment does not have to be a challenge. With our range of skin treatments, we can cleanse and exfoliate your skin, plump your skin to make it smoother and encourage new and healthy skin cells to grow. 

Our aim is to help you enhance your natural beauty so that you can feel confident in your own skin. 


Chemical peels 

What: a chemical peel uses a chemical solution to gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. They can improve skin health and the overall appearance of your skin. 

Results: a course of chemical peels can help treat breakouts, promote a more even skin tone and texture, reduce acne scars and treat fine lines and wrinkles. 

They are a great skin rejuvenation treatment on their own and when paired with other treatments such as microneedling. 


Secret RF Microneedling

What: Microneedling uses tiny needles to create micro punctures in the skin that kick-start your body’s natural healing response. This helps to increase the production of new collagen and elastin in your skin.

The Secret RF treatment also includes radiofrequency to target the deeper layers of your skin. This helps to provide you with even better results. 

Results: this treatment tackles many different skin conditions. These include reducing acne scars, stretch marks and lines and wrinkles. It also helps to firm and lift the skin and treat vascular lesions such as thread veins.


Dermal fillers

What: dermal fillers are an injectable treatment that uses a gel-like substance that contains hyaluronic acid to plump and add volume to thin and crepey skin. 

Results: in one treatment you can restore volume in the cheeks, plump the lips and reduce dark circles under the eyes. They also help to smooth out deeper lines and wrinkles and can add definition to the chin and jawline. 


Wrinkle relaxing treatment

What: anti-wrinkle treatment also known as Botox injections works by relaxing your facial muscles so that you achieve more smooth and youthful skin.

Results: They work best on reducing dynamic wrinkles that result from facial expressions. These include frown lines, lip lines, crow’s feet and marionette lines. 


iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial 

What: the iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial is a Hollywood favourite. It bridges the gap between a mild facial and having a more invasive peel. It safely resurfaces the skin with little to no downtime.

Results: A course of facials can help treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve scarring and promote the growth of new skin cells.

We offer a range of effective treatments to target your specific skin issues. Go to our treatments page for the full list.


Why choose Time Clinic for skin rejuvenation treatments in Essex

  1.   We are an award-winning skin clinic. We have also been named as a finalist in the 2024 Aesthetic Awards in the category of Best Non-Surgical Result.
  1.     Time Clinic is a Save Face accredited practice, which means that all our face and body treatments are regulated to meet industry standards.
  1.     We are affiliated with or accredited by some of the most trusted brands in the aesthetic industry. 
  1.     We have a commitment to putting our patients first. We will provide clear and honest advice so that you can find the right treatment for you and see results that make you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside too. 




How to find our Essex clinic

Time Clinic Essex is easily accessed by road and rail. The most convenient route is via the Central Line on the London Underground which takes around 45 minutes.


Time Clinic Medical Aesthetics & Wellness
First Floor, Telecoms House,
15 The Broadway,
Woodford Green,


About Essex

Over 1.8 million people call Essex home making it a diverse and friendly place to visit and live. Essex is a county in the South East of England, which lies between London and the North Sea.

There are great road and rail links between London and Essex, which makes it a good place to put down roots for commuters who work in the city. You can reach the centre of London by train in under an hour and just over an hour by car.

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