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Acne Treatment is available in Woodford through Time Clinic, a local clinic that is Save Face registered and has won prestigious awards.

Acne can have a major impact on both appearance and self-esteem and confidence, a very visible blemish that those affected naturally would wish to see treated.

At Time Clinic, we have a range of treatments and the expertise to know which is the best option for any patient. Profound change can be made, the acne marks either completely gone or greatly reduced.


The impact of this can be wonderful to see – not just to appearance but also to the patient’s confidence and their sense of self. 

Historic acne scarring can also be treated, complexion greatly enhanced.

In this page, we will outline treatment options, provide key information and also strive to answer the questions we are most commonly asked relating to acne treatments in Woodford,

As the reviews and awards demonstrate, we are the leading clinic for these treatments not just locally, but across London and the south east.

Acne ScarsAcne Treatment Information

A common complaint on the face, but also the back, chest and other areas, acne can vary from minor outbreaks to far more troubling areas of this blemish.

Major, ongoing acne outbreaks can be detrimental to confidence and mental health.

The condition is most commonly associated with those in their teens and early 20s and certainly some degree of acne during this period is common. However, it can impact those of almost any age, and the impact can be greater in later life as the acne might be considered to be unexpected.

We might imagine that by our 30s or 40s, our days of acne are behind us.

Often, the cause is hormonal but other factors can also contribute such as pores becoming blocked, or the excessive production of sebum – this then combining with dead skin cells.

Acne Treatment Suitability

To the person with the acne outbreaks or scarring, the cause might be of secondary importance – they have a blemish they wish to see gone.

However, the cause will likely impact the treatment. It is therefore important to consider only Doctor-led clinics who can factor in your medical history and make the correct diagnosis and then select a suitable treatment. Those with less experience tend to push a one-size-fits-all style approach that will often do little to treat the condition.

Suitability of treatment largely depends on the impact the condition has on the person. For someone who has just a small amount of acne, and this has no impact on their confidence, the need for treatment beyond standard good skin care could be debated.

But for someone with major outbreaks that are impacting their mental health, there is clearly far greater need.

Broadly speaking, those who have significant acne outbreaks or historic scarring and who wish to seek treatment will be suitable candidates.

Acne Treatments

Picking and squeezing spots is unlikely to achieve anything better than short-term satisfaction, but, most likely, you already know this.

It is easy to introduce further dirt or grease and actually make the problem worse in the long term.

At Time Clinic, we have treatments that actually tackle the root cause of the problem and remove, or greatly reduce the acne.

One option is iS Clinical Skincare. The iS range is a medical-grade, clinically proven series that cleanses, treats, hydrates and protects.

Through the inclusion of pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients, structural cell integrity is enhanced and cellular renewal promoted.

These treatments are completely safe and can even be used by those who are pregnant – this in contrast to many non-surgical treatments.

Many have seen their skin transformed by the iS range; it tackles the core of the acne issue for many.

Another potential option is Obagi skincare, this is a complete skincare system comprising a range of products. Every skin type is catered for, and a huge range of skin conditions – these including acne.

Because there is a range of products, it is essential that the right ones are chosen for each patient, everyone’s skin ius unique and so a unique blend of the Obagi range is required.

There are other treatment options too, however it is impossible to suggest the best treatment for any individual in a web page.

Instead, it is important to have a detailed consultation – at Time Clinic, we adhere to the highest of standards in consultations, taking the time to talk in depth to the prospective patient and assess the best treatment option for them – this factoring in their full medical history.

A huge benefit of having multiple treatment options – as well as being a clinic led by true experts – is that we can always find the best option., There is no need to follow a one-size-fits-all style approach.

Rest assured though that in the vast majority o f cases, there will be a non surgical treatment option that can greatly improve your skin.


Results from Acne Treatment

The results will vary depending on the patient, cause of the acne and treatment chosen, but in general terms profound change is created, the acne either cleared up or greatly reduced.

Quite aside from the physical change, this then greatly boosts confidence and self esteem too.

Results are often visible within days, with improvement then ongoing. The treatments are making the skin healthier and so there is profound change that lasts, these are not quick win treatments that have only limited impact. The impact lasts.

There is also no downtime, patients have a treatment and then go about the rest of their day. With some treatments, it might be that there are skin care products to be applied at home as part of an ongoing daily routine.

At consultation, we would be happy to display before and after images of patients with similar levels pof acne to demonstrate the impact that treartments would be expected to achieve.

Why Consider Time Clinic?

We stand apart as the top clinic not just in the Woodford region, but also much of London – with the reviews and awards to demonstrate this standing.

Please consider our services for the following reasons:

Amazing reputation

Our independent reviews across multiple sites  are universally five stars,.

Award Winning

We were named Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic for all of London – this demonstrates that we have a level of quality and service that stands apart.

The award recognised the quality of care, the expertise provided, the relaxing nature of the settings and our treatment of everyone who walks through our door – including those nervous people coming for a very first consultation.

Our level of service is the best not just in Woodford, but all of London.

In 2021’s we were also named Best Bespoke Facial Aesthetics & wellness Clinic- London

Expert Knowledge

Our clinic is run by Dr Manav Bawa, a leading expert in the field of non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Bawa holds a postgraduate diploma in Surgical Sciences and a Masters in Surgical Education from Imperial College London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Bawa is entrusted as a trainer for minor surgery and joint injections courses for the Royal College of GPs and also provides the training for a leading Harley Street clinic.

The level of patient care provided is unsurpassed – this also seen in the care taken with follow-up appointments,

Next Steps

Located just a short walk from South Woodford station, our clinic is easily accessible – there are also two sizeable car parks a short walk away.

To discuss requirements for a consultation, whether in person or via video sharing, please call us on 0203 795 9063 or use our Contact Form.


Woodford is a town in east London, located in Essex with a population of around 45,000.

The first known mention of Woodford is from 1082, this under the name of Wudeford, meaning ford in the wood. The settlement then appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, though under the name of Wdefort.

Despite these historical references, Woodford only truly grew in terms of size as people increasingly moved to such areas to commute and work in London.

There are a number of notable residents of Woodford past and present, or people associated with the area these including Sir Winston Churchill, Sylvia Pankhurst, Clement Atlee, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Meera Syal.



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