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Are you looking to shed a few extra pounds and lose inches off your body? Talk to the health and wellness experts at Time Clinic about healthy weight loss in Chigwell

We understand how frustrating it can be to spend hours at the gym and see no results. Or to try every fad diet to try and get your weight under control only to lose a couple of pounds. 

At Time Clinic, we specialise in helping our patients achieve their weight loss goals through Dimagra, a personalised weight loss plan that is scientifically proven. 

Our team of professionals are here to provide you with the right support and guidance to help you achieve a slimmer and leaner figure without losing muscle. Contact our clinic in Chigwell today to find out how we can help you improve your overall health. 


To ask more about how Dimagra can help you with your weight loss journey, contact our team on +44 20 3795 9063 or email us at hello@time-clinic.com



What is Dimagra and how does it help with weight loss?

Trying to make smart food choices that give adequate nutrition to your body while allowing you to lose weight can be hard. This is where Dimagra can help. It is a ketogenic diet plan that provides you with a quick and safe way to reduce fat mass and tone your body. 

In just 21 days, you can lose between 8-10% of your body weight. You will see a significant reduction in inches on areas such as your waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. What’s more, it does this without you losing any muscle mass, which can happen with other diets and lifestyle plans. 

In addition, Dimagra targets visceral fat, which is the type of fat that can increase the risk of certain diseases. As a result, not only will this weight loss plan help you trim down your figure, but it will also help to improve your general health too. 


What does the Dimagra diet consist of?

Dimagra is a weight loss solution that involves the intake of a specific amount of proteins. It also eliminates most of your carbohydrate intake while also reducing the amount of lipids you have.

The 21-day plan includes a mix of protein shakes and vitamins and minerals. It is a high-protein and low-calorie plan that aims to promote fat loss, improve the tone of your body and reduce visceral fat. By the end of your plan, you should see a slimmer and leaner body. 

As with any changes in diet or taking on a new diet plan, you need to consult with a doctor or health professional. This is why both new clients and existing clients at our clinic will need to have a full consultation so we can assess your medical history and see whether Dimagra is right for you. 


How does this weight loss solution work?

With this weight loss solution, your body will rapidly use the available glucose. This reduces glycaemia (the presence of glucose in the blood). It also minimises the secretion of insulin. As a result, your body uses liver glycogen that is converted into glucose.

When your glucose reserves are gone, usually after 12-24 hours, the high intake of proteins leads to Liver Gluconeogenesis. This is the process by which glucose is made, primarily in the liver. At this stage, ketogenesis activates, which uses ketone bodies which are produced by the increased metabolism of fatty acids that take the place of glucose. 


Who is suitable for Dimagra?

The first part of deciding whether Dimagra is right for you is to have a consultation with one of our experts. This gives us the opportunity to look at your current health levels, assess your medical history and talk to you about how much fat you are looking to lose. From this, we can develop a tailored treatment plan that can help you reach your weight loss goals. 

This weight loss plan can help people who are overweight or obese. When you couple it with long-term lifestyle changes including regular exercise, you can see results that last a while. 

Dimagra Essex


Choose a wellness clinic in Chigwell you can trust 

Time Clinic is an award-winning medical aesthetics and wellness clinic that sits in the leafy town of Chigwell. Our service also supports clients in London and Essex.   

Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality treatments. Our aim is to help enhance your natural beauty and increase your overall wellbeing. From cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers to weight loss solutions, our clinic has you covered. 

We have a commitment to always putting our patients first. This is why we are dedicated to providing you with the best treatment experience. From the moment you enter the clinic to any aftercare you may need – your care is always our top priority. 



How to find our clinic in Chigwell

You can easily reach Time Clinic by road or rail, most conveniently via the Central Line on the London Underground – with a journey time of around 45 minutes.

We have ample parking on site. The clinic is located within the David Lloyd facility in Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell. 



Time Clinic
David Lloyds
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About Chigwell

Set in Greater London, Chigwell is a charming town that offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty. Its close proximity to the capital means that residents have the perfect balance of being able to commute to work, while still enjoying the tranquil nature of a small town. 

Chigwell is part of Essex’s well-known ‘golden Triangle’, which has become famous for being the home of lots of rich and famous people, including some of the cast of Towie (The Only Way Is Essex).

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