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Harmony Facial

The Harmony facial is a treatment that is dedicated to caring for skin that is impacted by effects that cancer treatment can have on the skin.

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This treatment is produced by iS Clinical and has been formulated by a team of clinical specialists with the intention of restoring harmony to fatigued skin.

Treatments for cancer can often be invasive and harsh on the body, due to their powerful nature. Procedures such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and bone marrow transplants can often cause changes to the skin’s even tone and texture. Conditions such as: dryness, rashes, itching and photosensitivity can result in discomfort for the patient, as well as becoming noticeable to others.

The Harmony facial involves the application of an enriching solution to the face, containing a variety of nourishing ingredients that help to boost the health and hydration of the skin. An infusion of therapeutic bio-nutrients, antioxidants and penetrating hydrators absorb deep into the layers of the skin. This helps to rebalance and strengthen the skin’s structure whilst restoring an even tone.
The treatment is finished by applying a gentle massage to the arms and hands. This can help to soothe and relax the body so you feel calm and totally at ease, improving your inner well-being.

At Time Clinic we are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients through our aesthetic treatments and are pleased to offer the Harmony facial as a way of ensuring those who are going through a difficult time can also maintain an incredible look. This treatment can be used in conjunction with iS Clinicals range of at-home skincare – the Pure Wellness collection; addressing individual areas of concern.

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Harmony Facial

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The price of Harmony Facial depends on personal requirements, so we can’t provide an exact estimate until you book your initial consultation. The price for a Harmony Facial with the nurse starts at £60, with the cosmetic doctor at £70 for individual treatment.

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer and you find the tone and texture of the skin has changed, you may benefit from a Harmony facial. Working to rebalance the health of the skin, conditions such as itching, rashes, dryness and sensitivity can be calmed and reduced. Attending a consultation at Time Clinic can ensure your individual concerns are assessed and a suitable regimen can be recommended to help restore strong and healthy skin.

Harmony facial is very safe. It has been specially developed by clinical experts and is formulated to be compatible with the most sensitive of skin types. The team at Time Clinic undergo rigorous training in order to carry out their treatments safely and efficiently. Practitioners performing this treatment will understand the effects that cancer treatments can contribute to and how this facial works to improve the structure of the condition of the skin.

This treatment is not a painful one. The solution used is applied manually by a trained and skilled professional who takes great care to ensure you are looked after. The massage is also done manually and is designed to be a soothing and relaxing experience.

The only effects that the Harmony facial is intended to produce are positive ones. All ingredients are natural and are specially formulated to enhance the look and condition of the skin. During your pre-treatment consultation it is advised that you give details of any allergies you may have, in order to reduce the risk of developing a reaction.

There is absolutely no downtime attached to this treatment. You are free to leave the clinic straight after the treatment has ended – unless, of course, you are feeling too relaxed!


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