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Skin Affected By Cancer Treatment

Skin Affected By Cancer Treatment

A person’s skin, hair and nails can be affected when undergoing treatment for cancer. Although these conditions may not be too severe, they can be uncomfortable for the patient with visible changes being noticeable to others. Developing a skin condition is most likely to be a side effect of the treatment that the patient is undergoing and can include: rashes, itching, dry skin and photosensitivity (sensitivity to light).

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and bone marrow transplants are common options for treating a variety of cancers. Although these methods are designed to attack cancer cells, they can also affect the healthy ones – especially in radiotherapy when the skin can itch, peel or feel tender.

A rash on the skin can range from mild to severe and can look similar to that of acne or measles. This can be managed through prescription creams or oral medication, increasing or decreasing the dose as required. Xerosis (dry skin) and pruritus (itching) are commonly experienced by people affected by blood cancers, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Avoiding fragranced products will help to manage these conditions and it is important to moisturise the skin after bathing – which should be warm and not hot as heat can dry the skin further. Photosensitivity can cause the skin to be easily irritated or burnt when outside. Ensuring you keep your skin covered as well as applying a high SPF product will help to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

At Time Clinic a range of skincare from iS Clinical is available that is specially formulated for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The Pure Wellness collection is a ground-breaking range of products that can dramatically improve the condition and appearance of the skin, reducing the visible effects that cancer therapies can produce. A consultation with one of Time Clinics skin care specialists can recommend the right cream or serum for your concerns, as well as sun protection with an SPF of 30.

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