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Marketing and Social Media Lead

Simona Ogilbaite

Simona is a specialist in Social Media and Marketing, with a recent degree in Digital Design BSc from Brunel University, London.

Her journey in Medical Aesthetics started while working as a chaperone in an award winning medical aesthetic training academy in Harley Street. Simona gained the core essential knowledge and understanding of various medical aesthetic treatments, which can now be applied to social media and online content.

The aim of our marketing is to educate you, our patients, and ensure a deeper understanding of the types of concerns we can treat, as well as provide further information on the types of treatments we perform, in a subtle and informative manner. We firmly believe it is important for you to understand the treatments you may undertake, as well as all the options, so you can make an informed decision on your treatment plan. Using social media and online content, we are able to provide another perspective on this information in addition to the information your practitioner will provide during your consultation.

Simona enjoys delivering an aesthetically pleasing, educational and occasionally amusing content, to extend an enjoyable patient experience outside the Time Clinic environment. We love to show our personalities so you can get to know us before you attend your consultation, and Simona has a great way to capture this and share it with you.



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Simona Ogilbaite
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