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Jaw Clenching

Jaw Clenching

Nocturnal Bruxism is a term used for the clenching of teeth related to sleep, but can also refer to teeth grinding too. When Bruxism occurs during the day the clenching of teeth and jaws is more likely than grinding.
Jaw clenching can often be a sub-conscious action that happens when a person is feeling stressed or anxious, while concentrating or during intense exercise. Facial pain and stiffness, earache, headache and worn down teeth may occur as a result of jaw clenching, although not all people experience these symptoms.

Causes of Bruxism 

Some lifestyle choices can be contributing factors of jaw clenching, like: drinking alcohol, smoking, using recreational drugs and drinking lots of caffeinated drinks.
At Time Clinic we recommend a treatment to relax the muscles around the jaw area as an effective remedy. Botulinum Toxin injections are designed to temporarily do just this, but a longer term treatment plan can be discussed, should this be necessary to you.

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