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Embracing Confidence and Ageing Gracefully with HArmonyCA

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The facial ageing process

As we get older, there are changes to every layer of our face that impact how we look.

The skin forms the top layer and, as you’ll know, gets more wrinkled, thinner and saggier with age. This is caused by a decline in collagen and elastin production – the proteins responsible for giving skin its youthful appearance.

Underneath the skin are pads of fat, which give the face its healthy voluminous appearance and help hold the skin in place. These fat pads get smaller as we get older, leading to hollowness underneath the eyes and on our temples, while skin sags downwards.

Then we reach our bones, which give our face its structure. Unfortunately, bones shrink with age meaning our face loses definition while further sagging is apparent, as existing fat and skin has nothing holding it in place.

As a result, skin folds in certain areas, causing deep lines that bother some people. These are most common from the nose to corners of the mouth (known as nasolabial lines) and corners of the mouth to the chin (marionette lines). We also see deeper lines forming on the cheeks and jowling around the chin and jawline.

The treatment approach

Here at Time Clinic, we wanted to find a way to address each of these concerns safely and effectively. And the good news is, we’ve found it!

HArmonyCA is a hybrid injectable that uses two clinically-proven components in one product. The first is hyaluronic acid (HA) – an ingredient you’ve probably heard of that’s used in the most common types of dermal fillers.

It provides an immediate volumising and lifting effect, while also hydrating the skin so it looks fresh and rejuvenated.

The second component is something called calcium hydroxyapatite (CA), which is able to stimulate your collagen and elastin production over time to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin texture for ongoing improvement in results.

Combining the two provides a truly powerful treatment that addresses all the signs of ageing in a holistic and long-lasting way.

The results

Following treatment with HArmonyCA, you can expect natural-looking results that continue to improve over the next three to nine months. Immediately after treatment you may have some slight redness, swelling and bruising, but these will resolve within a couple of days.

When you undergo HArmonyCA treatment at Time Clinic, you can be assured that you’re in safe hands thanks to Dr Bawa’s extensive training and experience using this clinically-proven product.

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