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Holistic Rejuvenation Essex

Refresh dull and tired facial skin with a holistic rejuvenation in Essex, from the award-winning and top-rated Time Clinic.

This wonderful treatment, which combines the best in skin care procedures, is ideal for those looking for a much-needed boost of energy for tired and sad-looking skin. 

If you’re seeking anti-ageing solutions or to replace lost volume, Time Clinic is here to help you achieve the best results and get your skin glowing once again.  

Fine lines and wrinkles, hollow eyes or sagging jowls – all of these common skin conditions need not get you down anymore.

holistic rejuvenation essex


Find out more about how a holistic rejuvenation in Essex could work for you by contacting a member of our friendly team today. 

Contact Time Clinic using the webpage link above, or call +44 20 3795 9063 or email hello@time-clinic.com


What is a holistic rejuvenation?

A holistic rejuvenation with Time Clinic is a skin care treatment that pulls together a combination of facial treatments to achieve optimum results, personalised to you.

This treatment can be experienced by anyone who is looking for either a skin boost, anti-ageing solutions, more facial definition or just overall facial replenishment.

If you’re concerned about tired and dull skin that is lacking in laxity, volume or prone to lines and wrinkles, a holistic rejuvenation could be the solution for you. Time Clinic uses the latest, most innovative techniques to bring facial skin back to life, leaving you with a glowing and radiant appearance that you’ll love.

Time Clinic’s highly experienced doctors will bring together a number of skin care treatments that when combined together, produce the optimum results for you.

Your holistic rejuvenation in Essex can be tailored uniquely to your personal circumstances, so your customised treatment programme can focus on your particular areas of concern.


Why is holistic rejuvenation so beneficial? 

Time Clinic’s patients in Essex love the holistic rejuvenation for being so versatile and adaptable to each individual skin condition and concern. 

The holistic rejuvenation is an effective treatment for targeting a whole host of skin concerns. Common skin conditions that the holistic rejuvenation procedure can treat include:

  • Lost volume in the skin
  • Crepey skin, lacking in laxity
  • Hollow or dark eyes
  • Appearance of jowls
  • Loss of facial definition
  • Double chin
  • Hollowed temples
  • Nasolabial lines
  • Crows feet
  • Frown lines
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Treat your skin to a boost of rejuvenation, with a second-to-none holistic facial treatment in Essex, crafted personally to your current skin condition.


What does a holistic rejuvenation involve?

The beauty of a holistic rejuvenation with Time Clinic is that it combines a number of different facial treatments that are renowned for producing effective results. Your holistic treatment would be made up of treatments that best suit your circumstances, skin concerns and current skin condition.

We recommend a treatment package that is a combination of wrinkle relaxant, juvederm fillers, Profhilo and medical grade skin care, since these treatments when combined together, yield wonderful and effective results.

Dermal fillers 

Dermal fillers are very effective in targeting the signs of ageing. In time, our skin loses its volume and elasticity. But thankfully with the use of dermal fillers, volume can be restored in a safe and effective way.

This versatile treatment can be used on multiple areas in the face including the cheeks, lips, jawline and other areas where lines and wrinkles appear. Dermal fillers can also be used in the treatment of nasolabial folds. 

The dermal filler procedure is generally comfortable, with patients reporting only temporary, mild sensitivity on occasion. Dermal fillers will eventually dissolve over time and can be maintained with a regular course of treatment.


Profhilo is a very effective treatment to improve the tautness of the facial skin. It works by releasing hyaluronic acid under the skin’s surface to encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Results from Profhilo treatment tend to be longer lasting, since the cycle of collagen and elastin production continues over time. The skin continues to remain tight and hydrated, with a brighter and smoother appearance.

Medical grade skin care

At Time Clinic we pride ourselves on being affiliated with and using only the leading and approved brands for skin care, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to offer iS Clinical Skincare. This is a medical grade, clinically-proven luxury brand with products designed to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect the skin.

iS Clinical Skincare products get to work on improving structural cell integrity and promoting cellular renewal. These products are effective in treating acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and the signs of ageing.


A highly recommended, award-winning clinic in Essex

Our patients’ wellbeing and safety are our number one priority and we are incredibly proud to have won an award for being the Best Medical Aesthetic Clinic in London. 

We believe that the best results are achieved not only when our patients look good, but when they feel good too. 

That’s why we don’t just do aesthetics – we make sure to understand and treat the patient’s concern in a holistic way to produce natural-looking, safe and healthy results. 


To find out more about the Time Clinic holistic rejuvenation in Essex, contact us or call +44 20 3795 9063 or email hello@time-clinic.com.

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About Essex

With a population of around 1.8 million people, Essex is a bustling hive of activity with a wonderfully diverse population.

The county lies between London and the North Sea, in the South East of England and enjoys excellent transportation links to the capital.

Essex is a popular destination with tourists and commuters alike, since its road and rail transportation links make it an easy destination to reach from London.

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