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The Liquid Facelift: A Non-Surgical Alternative

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Reduce risk and save money with long-lasting injectable treatments

When you look in the mirror, do you find yourself pushing up and spreading out sagging and wrinkled skin? Do you feel sad and lack confidence with how you look? If this sounds like you, be assured you’re not the only one!

Here at Time Clinic, we’ve met hundreds of people struggling with their ageing appearance who thought their only option was surgery. But thanks to the extensive development of non-surgical injectable procedures in recent years, that’s no longer the case.

Why do our faces age?

As we get older, the collagen and elastin that once kept our faces looking plump and youthful will decline, meaning sagging skin and wrinkles are inevitable. Excessive sun exposure will accelerate the ageing process, so expect more wrinkles if you’ve been a sun worshipper or haven’t used SPF regularly.

For women, menopause can also have an impact, which is why your skin concerns may become more noticeable during your perimenopausal years. Throw in the hormonal fluctuations associated with ‘the change’ and it’s not unusual for many ladies to feel low about how they look.

It seems so unfair that you should feel this way, which is why we offer safe solutions that can reverse the signs of ageing to help you feel like your best self! One of our most effective approaches is known as a non-surgical facelift.

What is a non-surgical facelift?

Using non-surgical dermal fillers, we offer a transformative solution to lift, volumise, and contour your face, all without the need for invasive surgery. These treatments allow you to remain awake and comfortable, with the option to use numbing cream if you prefer, minimising any discomfort. After the treatment, our experts will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to follow at home on the same day.

Treatment will generally take around an hour, depending on the extent of your concerns, and you’ll be able to get back to your usual activities almost straightaway. Your face may be slightly red, tender and swollen, and you may notice light pin-prick bleeding. The only things we advise avoiding for 24 hours are applying make-up, exercise, drinking alcohol and exposure to extreme temperatures.

This is hugely different to a surgical facelift, whereby you’ll be put to sleep for the procedure and endure a longer recovery period with more noticeable side effects.

What are dermal fillers and how do they work?

There are a few different types of dermal fillers, but the ones we use for a liquid facelift contain hyaluronic acid (HA). This is a soft and flexible substance that can immediately lift, fill, contour and hydrate the skin. They can be used to lift and replace lost volume in sagging cheeks, plump thin lips, fill hollows under the eyes and on the temples, contour the lower face for a more defined jawline and can even straighten a bumpy nose.

The brand of HA dermal fillers we use is called Juvéderm and is known for having a high safety profile while delivering impressive results.

Products within the range have slightly different compositions, enabling us to tailor treatment to your individual requirements. We can also inject specific amounts of HA dermal filler, depending on how much of a difference you want to see.

At Time Clinic, we provide a biostimulation treatment called HarmonyCA as a part of our treatment options. This combines HA with something called calcium hydroxyapatite, which stimulates collagen production. This means as well as seeing an immediate lift and contour thanks to the HA, your general skin quality will improve over time.

Generally, you can expect to see a difference that will last 12 to 18 months. Of course, this depends on your individual concerns, the products you have treatment with and your overall lifestyle.

Confidence-boosting results

The ultimate goal of a non-surgical facelift is to empower you to feel like the best version of yourself so you can thrive personally, professionally and socially. To ensure we achieve this, our expert team will listen closely to your concerns and personalise our approach so we meet your expectations and create bespoke, natural-looking results.

You can trust that we will never pressure or rush you into any treatment, and will always put your health and wellbeing first.

Get in touch for a confidential discussion on how we can help you.


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