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The difference between Dermal Fillers & Profhilo

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The future is here. First, we brought you non-surgical nosejobs with dermal fillers, and now we bring you injectable skincare and moisturisers. What is Profhilo, what does it do, how is it different to dermal fillers, and why is it the must-have treatment for the subtle rejuvenation of ageing skin?

Why your skin needs more than topical moisturiser

When creating more bouncy, youthful, and hydrated skin, we need to delve into the layers rather than slather serums and creams on top. Think about how much your skin goes through on a daily basis: topical makeup, maybe? Definitely sun exposure, air pollutants, and drying weather too, right? Because our skin is our first barrier against the outside world, it often takes more than moisturiser to revive its health. When you want truly effective results, we need to go beneath the top layer of skin. Collagen is a buzz word that a lot of skincare companies are incorporating into their products and, while collagen is essential to skin laxity and firmness, the molecules are simply too big to penetrate your top layer of skin. Similarly, hyaluronic acid which is the main component in most reputable dermal fillers, is capable of holding over 1,000 times its own weight in water to aid hydration. This too needs careful molecular consideration, as many products fail to get the proper molecular weight right for it absorb into the skin. Topical products just don’t have the same power that injectable treatments do, but is there a treatment out there that can improve skin quality and hydration?

Profhilo, the injectable moisturiser

Profhilo is an injectable treatment that offers global rejuvenation of the whole face to plump, hydrate, and boost skin cell turnover. The injections use stabilised hyaluronic acid which spreads outside of the immediate treatment area. It forms a water-binding layer beneath the skin to provide all-over facial rejuvenation while leading the structure of the face untouched. It works to create a lit-from-within glow with softened fine lines and improved skin quality in texture and laxity. This is the ideal treatment for those not seeking a change in their appearance, but a little boost in the appearance of their skin.

How are Profhilo and dermal fillers different?

While both use the same component, hyaluronic acid, to produce beautiful results, they work very differently. Dermal filler is injected to enhance a specific area such as the lips and cheeks, and it does not typically migrate to the surrounding skin. In this way, it augments your natural facial structure to produce more angular cheekbones or plumper lips. Profhilo works very differently because it is made of 100% hyaluronic acid, while dermal fillers have other components. Because it is made of a completely natural skin substance, it blends into our skin seamlessly and distributes itself evenly. The treatment helps to retain moisture levels in the skin while boosting the production of collagen and elastin, essential skin proteins, to refresh the skin from the inside-out.
Profhilo has become one of the most sought-after treatments for the improvement of skin quality, texture, and firmness. With many clients favouring it because of its subtlety yet transformative glow-inducing powers, Profhilo with Dr Bawa Skin & Facial Aesthetics continues to perform effective facial rejuvenation. Discover more about this exciting treatment in London today, book your initial consultation by enquiring online or call us on 020 3795 9063 today.

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