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Life-Changing Treatments. What are They?

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Aesthetic treatments will often do more for you than just improve your appearance, and there are many doctors and other medical professionals who have made the link between looking good and feeling good. We ourselves have experienced first-hand the improvement in a patient’s inner well-being and self-confidence when they feel they’re looking their very best.

For a clinic like Time Clinic in Chigwell, we consider the results from many of our treatments to be life-changing. So, let us tell you why.

What conditions will affect your overall quality of life?

When a particular concern means you cannot comfortably and confidently carry out your everyday tasks, we would say it is ‘affecting your overall quality of life’. Common concerns that we find are impacting many of your lives includes hair loss, excessive sweating and teeth grinding / jaw clenching.

Hair loss is very common among men and women of various ages. It can develop on the head and other areas of the body in different forms, from male / female pattern baldness to the various types of alopecia. Its cause can be genetic, hormonal, medical or from lifestyle contributors (such as stress / anxiety), and the loss experienced can range from thinning hair or patchy hair to total baldness.

Excessive sweating can be an embarrassing concern that affects anyone of any age. Overactive sweat glands are the main cause of this concern which may be influenced by genetics, hormones, medication side effects, exercise and stress / anxiety. Although many people develop moist patches on their hands, feet and armpits, it is not uncommon for the entire body to excessively sweat (especially in menopausal women).

Teeth grinding / jaw clenching is an involuntary action that most often occurs while a person is asleep. The action of rubbing the teeth together or clenching them tightly can lead to dental problems, as well as pain in the jaw and around the face. This concern is often linked to stress / anxiety, and a person may not always be aware they are doing it (even if it happens when they are awake).

What treatments can address these concerns?

With many aesthetic clinics also addressing your general health and well-being, a treatment can work to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. When addressing hair loss, Time Clinic can perform PRP Dracula Therapy. This treatment uses your own platelets (taken from a sample of your blood) that are injected into the affected site. Platelets contain growth factors that work to aid the growth of healthy new cells, and restore healthier, thicker hair growth. There are other proven methods of hair restoration that Time Clinic is looking into, and will be introduced very soon.

Our wrinkle-relaxing treatment is also very effective in stopping teeth grinding / jaw clenching as it softens muscle contractions. The product is injected directly into the jaw muscles on each side of the face, with repeat applications ensuring long-term relief. This same treatment can also help to reduce excessive sweating. As well as minimising muscle movement, the product used can also work to block messages sent from the nerves, telling the brain to activate the glands that produce sweat.

Time Clinic sees many of you, each with your own individual concern(s).

So, if you have a condition that makes you feel unhappy with your appearance and may even cause embarrassment or discomfort, come to Time Clinic. Our personalised treatment plans and high rate of patient satisfaction means that many of you will leave our clinic feeling happier and healthier .



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