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How IV Nutrition Therapy contributes to healthy skin

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Healthy skin doesn’t begin and end with topical products, much like a healthy lifestyle can’t be achieved with just exercise. There’s lot of internal processes that make up your skin from the inside and manifest on the outside, so high-street products available off the shelves often don’t achieve the results you’re looking for. No, healthy skin is balance of diet, the right professional products, and how your body works. Let’s discover how IV nutrition therapy contributes to healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

The limitations of high-street products

Your skin needs more than a moisturiser, basically. Most off the shelf products provide short-term hydration to the very top layer of skin, making it look and feel nice for the day but not actually reaching deeper levels and instigating change because their molecules are too big to be absorbed. Even drinking plenty of water doesn’t impact your skin’s health much, as water is first diverted to your organs with the excess flushed in away in bodily excretions. Your skin is transformed from the inside-out and with the help of professional products with higher potencies than their high-street counterparts, and sadly not through simple hydration and light cleansers!

How IV nutrition therapy helps achieve healthy skin

Long-lasting skin health isn’t made on the surface on the skin, it’s made and maintained in its multiple layers. Everything we put into our body, whether lifestyle habits like smoking or our diet, is used and expelled somehow, which is why a bad diet or poor physical health can show in your skin. Flushing your system with carefully balanced and coordinated nutrients is important to maintaining a healthy body function, detoxifying the skin and improving a balanced complexion. Dr Bawa uses IV nutrition therapy to energise, detox, and relax his clients so their skin and personal health can be maintained all in one treatment.

IV nutrition therapy for skin health

  • Age Defiance. This intravenous nutrition treatment combines powerful anti-ageing components to help battle the signs of ageing in your body’s function and appearance. This IV drip contains Vitamin C, Magnesium Sulphate, B5, B6, B12, and much more.
  • Skin lightening. This IV drip helps to brighten skin from the inside-out and will be the perfect partner to your skincare routine. It contains high doses of Vitamin C, Calcium Gluconate, and Glutathione PUSH.
  • Wellness and protection. The Wellness Protocol (Modified Myers’ Cocktail) helps protect you from free radicals with a mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Free radicals take their toll on your skin and health, so this IV booster helps to fortify your skin and keep it healthy.

IV nutrition therapy for lifestyle and body

  • Performance booster. The Athlete Sport drip is the drip designed for those with an active lifestyle and sports people. With high concentrations of amino acids, this drip aids with recovery post-exercise and powers your performance with beneficial energy-boosting compounds.
  • Mood booster. We are more aware of our mental health than ever before and how important it is to maintain a healthy emotional balance. The Mood Support IV drip helps to relax body and mind with a cocktail of amino acids.
  • Detox and fat burning. The Detox Fat Burning intravenous drip combines a blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help burn fat and detox the body as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle are maintained via a careful balance, and a treatment of intravenous nutrition therapy could help boost your efforts in the acquisition of both. Find out more about IV drip treatments on Harley Street with Dr Bawa today. Enquire online or get in touch on +44 (0)20 3795 9063.

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