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What is Profhilo Body?

One topic that has been talked about a lot since the start of the pandemic, is how some people have gained a few ‘lockdown pounds’.

Now that the nation has started to get out and about again, rediscovering your post-pandemic appearance is something that you may be looking to do.

It is well known that maintaining a steady and ideal weight often requires a balance between the amount of calories you consume and the energy that you expel – naturally as your body functions and through your personal level of activity.
Like many, you may not feel happy about having gained extra weight and may feel self-conscious if your streamlined body profile develops larger curves or a small bulge here and there.

This concern is often remedied by clearing the cupboards of sweet treats, making regular visits to the gym and signing up with a recognized weight-loss company.
Whatever your preferred method of slimming, it takes commitment and will-power. Often requiring you to make changes to your current lifestyle and daily habits in order to reach your target weight safely and efficiently.

When it comes to finding a reputable weight-loss solution, we want to introduce you to Dimagra. Dimagra is coming to Time Clinic this Autumn; a slimming method that aims to help you lose weight, improve your overall contouring and detoxify the body.

Dimagra is a very low calorie plan that also increases your intake of protein and lowers your intake of carbs. Working on similar concepts to a ketogenic diet plan, Dimagra helps to put your body into ketosis – a physiological state that encourages your body to release fat. This strategy is not found to be dangerous and is renowned for its successful results.
The plan can be personalised to you, according to your weight loss goal. At a consultation, we will be able to provide you with a practical ‘food diary’ and a variety of protein shakes and supplements, depending on your preference.

Time Clinic recently moved to the Telecoms House in Woodford, and it has been a move that has benefitted us greatly. We found that to improve, we needed to make a change, and this was it. So, if you want to improve the way your body looks and improve your confidence; make a change and ask Time Clinic about Dimagra.

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