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Skinade is popular with our customers from around London and Essex. It is a multi award winning, collagen drink containing a formula of active ingredients which are designed to boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production within the body – naturally.

Gently flavoured with peach and mangosteen, this pleasant drink will work from within your body, supporting vital skin functions from beneath the dermis, to help improve the tone and youthfulness of your skin in just 30 days. It is developed by a team of scientists, here in the UK and is created with the perfect dilution of the active ingredients, to be considered one of the most advanced skincare and successful products on the market. The micro-nutrients with Skinade boast an incredible absorption rate of up to 95%, targeting the hydration, nutrition, protection and regeneration of the skin – attributes which are all essential for normal skin function. The collagen peptides that are found in the collagen drink, have been proven to have a
dramatic impact of the basic skin condition and structure of the skin. If drinking Skinade daily, as well as improving skin hydration, you can expect to see an improvement in fine lines and equally an impact against the formation of deeper set wrinkles.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have dehydrated skin which is dull or lacklustre, then you are likely suitable for this
treatment. Skinade is a versatile collagen drink suited to all skin types. If you suffer any
allergies or intolerances, this should be discussed at consultation although an intolerance to
Skinade is uncommon.

Skinade has undergone a vast amount of scientific testing to prove not only its effectiveness,
but ensure safety. This treatment is a skin supplement, and therefore considered to be very
safe. We do not recommend Skinade for children, pregnant women or women that are
breastfeeding without first consulting a nutritional specialist.

No, consuming Skinade is not painful and should not cause any adverse effects. It’s a delicious collagen boosting drink you can enjoy daily.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting your GP prior to taking Skinade.
Although unlikely to be harmful, Skinade has been designed with adults in mind, and is
therefore not recommended for children. If you suffer from any food allergies, you should
consult a specialist prior to taking Skinade.


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